Apply Now for Scholarships in UK for International Students with Full Funding Value

Apply Now for Scholarships in UK for International Students with Full Funding Value

Scholarships in UK for International Students – Travel to the UK with fully funded scholarships for international students, from a prestigious academic environment, nice accommodation, a work engagement environment, an industry advancement network,  a global network of students across continents, a diverse learning environment, and lots more. UK provides the best student learning environment for international students. See this article Best scholarships in the UK for international students.


Scholarships in UK for International Students

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships is a scholarship scheme provided and funded by the UK government for exceptionally outstanding international students to pursue a one-year master’s degree in any subject at a UK university. This scholarship covers Tuition Fees, Travel Allowance, Monthly Stipend, Arrival Allowance, Dissertation Grant, Thesis Printing Allowance, Visa Application Fee, Health Coverage, and Pre-departure Orientation.

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships

Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships is a scholarship program offered and provided by the UK Government Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC). This is scholarships is provided for international students in the common wealth  community who are exceptionally talented and who is currently seeking the opportunity to pursue higher education and advanced research in various fields at universities in the UK.

The Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship programs covers Tuition Fees,  Travel Allowance, Living Allowance, Arrival Allowance, Thesis/Dissertation Grant, Study Materials Allowance, Research Support Grant, Return Airfare, Mid-term Visit Grant, Warm Clothing Allowance, and Family Allowance.


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Gates Cambridge Scholarships for Postgraduate Students

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are scholarships in UK provided by the University of Cambridge to award international students with excellent intellectual abilities who wish to advanced their leadership potential by pursuing postgraduate program at the University. This scholarship covers full Academic Support program, Accommodation Expenses, Additional Benefits, Conference and Event Participation, Family Support, Healthcare and Insurance, Living Allowance, Orientation and Integration Support, Research or Project Funding, Travel Allowance and Tuition Fees.


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Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarships provides access the study in the University of Oxford with a scholarship. With Rhodes Scholarship, international students enjoys full Academic Support,  Alumni Support, Community Engagement, Family and Dependent Support, Healthcare, Leadership Development, Living Stipend, Networking, Research and Study Expenses, Travel Expenses, Tuition Fees. In a summary, international students travelling to UK with Rhodes scholarship enjoys full tuition fees for any chosen postgraduate programs.

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UK Government Scholarships for Developing Countries

With UK Government Scholarships for Developing Countries, international students benefits massively for fully funded tuition fees, Living Allowance, Travel Expenses, Research Funding, Academic Materials, Healthcare Coverage, Professional Development, Family Support, Orientation and Integration Assistance, Alumni Network Access. The UK Government scholarships for Developing countries also includes other scholarship scheme including, Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Professional Fellowships, Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries, Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships, DFID’s Know-How Fund, Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, and Marshall Scholarships. These options is available to international students from developing countries.

University of Oxford Reach Oxford Scholarships

Reach Oxford Scholarship which is now known as the “Oxford Undergraduate Scholarship” is provided for international students with potentially good academic achievements to pursue Oxford programs at the Oxford University. The scholarship covers Tuition Fees (full or partial) around £25,000 to £40,000, Living Allowance around £12,000 to £15,000 per year, Travel Costs, Academic Expenses, Orientation and Support, Networking and Community and Additional Benefits.

The total estimated cost for the undergraduate students with this scholarship is £40,000 to £60,000 or more per year.