Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Foreigners by Province

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2023

Canadian workers make an average annual wage of roughly $50,000, though this is different in some provinces, according to Statistics Canada. Although the working culture in Canada is greatly influenced by some factors like gender, color, and age which have a significant impact on earnings as well as industry. The highest-paying positions in Canada for 2024 are given here.


If you are interested in high-paying jobs in Canada, note for obvious reasons, employees are more concerned about health and safety than ever. The current climate is also having a very damaging impact on people’s finances, so wages are, of course, the most important.

How Canada Pay Workers by Province

Province Current Minimum Wage Next Increase Date
Yukon $16.77 April 1 of each year
Saskatchewan $13.00 October 1 of each year
Québec $15.25 (Tipped Employees $12.20)
Prince Edward Island $14.50 $15.00 October 1, 2024
Ontario $15.50 $16.55 October 1, 2024
Nunavut $16.00
Nova Scotia $14.50 $15.00 October 1, 2024
Northwest Territories $15.20
Newfoundland and Labrador $14.50
New Brunswick $14.75
Manitoba $14.15 $15.30 October 1, 2024
British Columbia $16.75
Alberta $15.00 (Under 18 and ≤ 28 Hr/week $13.00)

Jobs in Canada with the Biggest Bonuses

  • Surgeon – $60,000
  • Radiologist – $47,500
  • Medical Director – $40,000
  • Investment Banking Associate – $100,000
  • Investment Banking Analyst – $45,000

Industries with Biggest Bonuses

  • Software & IT Services – $8,000
  • Hardware & Networking – $9,000
  • Finance – $7,100
  • Energy and Mining – $10,000
  • Consumer Goods – $7,500

Most salary estimates come from the salary determiners each year.


Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Foreigners


Surgeons and physicians earn between $236,000 and $676,000 a year on average. Although Canada is one of the more developed countries in the world, it has a low number of doctors per capita compared to other countries such as Austria or Norway. Therefore, doctors are in high demand!


It’s also a high-risk and demanding career – it’s more of a lifestyle than a career. Doctors, especially surgeons, have to study for several years before completing a medical degree. To find Surgeon jobs in Canada, and the US and compare high targeted salaries, look into different fields of Surgeon as provided in different provinces.


The average salary for attorneys hovers around $302,000 (location and area of ​​practice have a big impact on earnings). Similar to a doctor, becoming a lawyer takes several years to practice (about 5 or 6 years).


Another legal career, judges’ salaries range from $198,000 to $568,000 a year. Judges have a lot of responsibility – and a lot of legal experience (which makes sense considering they’re making very serious decisions). Legal professionals need at least 10 years of attorney experience to be considered for an appointment.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Unsurprisingly, leadership roles like this often come with pretty good salaries! Average salaries hover around $250,000 or more, depending on the size of the company. While every member of a company is valuable, C-level management is often responsible for making risk decisions that can have a significant impact on the company.


The pilot is directly responsible for the safety of the passengers, which is definitely a somewhat stressful position! The average annual income for pilots is about $178,000. Becoming a pilot obviously requires rigorous training, as they will be at the helm of a metal box that flies thousands of feet in the air. This make them one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for 2024.

Corporate Vice President

Another highest paying jobs in Canada for 2024 is Corporate VP. Similar to the previously mentioned C-Suite role, this leadership is another high-paying career. Vice presidents make an average of $126,000 per year (according to Again, depending on the size of the company, this salary can be much higher.

Data Scientists

Data Scientist as among one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for 2024.

Data is gold, and anyone who can leverage it is a very valuable participant. Generally speaking, technical positions are very in-demand, and different positions in this field can generate fairly high salaries. For example, Y-Axis states that the average annual salary for an IT manager is about $200,000.