How Much in Total Do You Need to Travel to America?

How Much in Total Do You Need to Travel to America?

Living and working in the US can be very expensive, and as such, one needs to make proper financial preparations before arriving in the US. Calculating how much you can spend when traveling to the USA initially and adding up the cost you will spend while in the US are two major discussions in the letter.


While planning to travel to the US, it is important to consider the cost of a Visa application, the cost of flights, accommodation, food, transportation, travel insurance, activities and entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses. This gives us a considerable estimate of how much someone can spend traveling to America. Although several factors can contribute to the calculations.

How Much Can You Spend Traveling to the USA?

In a total estimation, the amount you can spend traveling to the U.S. is around $100–$1200. In most cases, depending on the city and other activities in the US, the amount in the estimate is between $3500 and $4000.

Factors to Consider while Traveling to the US

In general, consider these factors when you plan to travel to the US for work, school, or tourism.

  • Visa Application

You need a US Visa to be able to travel to America. Learn more about how to apply for a US Visa in your home country. However, the prices for Visa applications vary depending on the type of Visa you are applying for.

Below are the fees for different types of Visa Applications.

Visa Application Fees
Nonimmigrant Visa fees $160
Fiance Visa $265
Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor $205

In general, most visa applications cost $160 for students and tourist travelers.

  • Flights

Booking a flight to the US can cost an estimated $300 based on the passengers’ needs, such as the airline, the route, the class of service, and other factors, so to speak. Some of the airlines provide meals to passengers in transit and charge additional fees for air tickets. Although you can spend less or more depending on the airlines. Please refer to the appropriate airline in your region when traveling to the US. Those traveling with animals can also incur additional fees.

Major Airlines traveling to the US are

  1. American Airline
  2. Delta Airlines
  3. United Airlines
  4. Emirates
  5. British Airways
  6. Lufthansa
  7. Qatar Airways
  8. Singapore Airlines
  • Food

Food is also another major factor to consider when traveling to the US. Kinds of food consumption depend on the individual, although there are different meal plans for consumption ranging from inexpensive fast food options to high-end restaurants. If you rent an apartment, depending on how you cook, you can spend $100 to $250 per month or more. But, on average, you can spend around $15 to $30 per person on a meal at an affordable restaurant.

  • Accommodation

If you are traveling to the US for the first time and do not have someone to accommodate you, you need a hotel to stay for the time being. The estimated cost of renting a hotel is between $40 and $300 per night, depending on the city and the kind of luxury hotel you desire.

Similarly, you may rent an apartment in the US for $125 to $150 per week. In most cases, some landlords may require you to deposit an initial security fee that costs one month’s rent the first time you sign the lease terms.

  • Transportation

Transportation is another estimate you can consider at the initial stage of planning to relocate to the US. Major transportation facilities in America include local buses, subways, taxis, and Rental cars. Using a local bus system in the US can cost $5–$20 per day, depending on your destinations.

  • Activities and Entertainment

As a tourist, you may want to visit some prominent places in the US. This can add up to the cost of traveling to the US. When you plan to travel to America and have prepared to visit tourist destinations, plan to spend more on these activities and entertainment. For instance, admission fees to museums, theme parks, and other attractions are estimated.

The average cost for a ticket to major theme parks in the US is between $50 and $400 per ticket, including parking and accommodations. Although this depends on the city, in places like Florida and California, parks tend to be costly. Some parks charge considerable fees for students, seniors, and children.

  • Travel Insurance

Most people don’t consider this factor. I recommend it for travelers relocating to the US. Travel insurance is set up to cover unexpected expenses, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage. Find this out from your insurer.

In general, traveling to America can cost an estimated $1000 to $4000.

Many times, one can leverage budgeting plans to meet the standard of living. This can reduce the high cost of spending when traveling.

How to Travel Cheaply to America

Although traveling to America can be very expensive due to certain demands and taxes, One can still travel cheaply to America if one adheres to certain travel tips.

These are;

  • Set a realistic budget for your trip, considering all expenses.
  • Use a currency converter to understand exchange rates.
  • Book flights and accommodations in advance for potential savings.
  • Cook some meals to save on dining expenses.
  • Utilize public transportation instead of renting a car or using taxis.
  • Seek out free or low-cost activities and attractions.
  • Travel during off-peak seasons to lower costs.
  • Download travel apps for discounts and local information.
  • Stay connected with a local SIM card or mobile hotspot to avoid roaming charges.
  • Monitor expenses with budgeting apps.
  • Use credit cards wisely, considering foreign transaction fees.
  • Maintain an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance for added protection.
  • Familiarize yourself with U.S. tipping customs.
  • Prioritize spending based on your interests and priorities.