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US Diversity Visa Lottery Program 2025 | How to Apply

US Diversity Visa Lottery Program 2025 | How to Apply

The U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2025) program, managed by the State Department, is now open. Prospective applicants can either apply for a chance to participate in the lottery or check the status of their existing applications. We have provided a comprehensive guide on how to apply for and potentially win the U.S. Visa Lottery DV-2025.


Every year, the Department of State conducts a random selection process for Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) applicants, selecting candidates from all registered entries. The selection is based on the allocation of available visas in each region and country. It’s crucial to always stay informed about the entry submission deadline to ensure timely preparation and submission. The entry form is only available during the designated application window. Please note that entries submitted via the United States Postal Service will not be accepted.

Benefits of the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program

The U.S. Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, offers several benefits:

  • Path to Permanent Residency: The program provides winners and their eligible family members the opportunity to become permanent residents of the United States, which can eventually lead to U.S. citizenship.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: The program aims to diversify the immigrant population by offering visas to individuals from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States, promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  • No Sponsorship Required: Unlike many other U.S. immigration programs, the DV Lottery does not require sponsorship by a family member, employer, or any specific entity.
  • Equal Opportunity: The lottery system is designed to provide an equal opportunity to all eligible participants, regardless of their background, education, or employment.
  • Education and Employment Opportunities: DV Lottery winners and their families can access educational and employment opportunities in the United States, opening doors to a wide range of careers and experiences.
  • Access to U.S. Social Services: As permanent residents, DV Lottery winners and their families are eligible for various social services, including healthcare, education, and social security benefits.
  • Freedom to Live and Work: Winners have the freedom to live and work anywhere in the United States, granting them the chance to choose their preferred location.
  • Family Reunification: DV Lottery winners can also apply to bring their eligible family members to the United States, promoting family reunification.
  • Path to U.S. Citizenship: After a certain period of permanent residency, DV Lottery winners have the option to apply for U.S. citizenship, gaining the rights and privileges of American citizens.
  • Open to All Eligible Participants: The program is open to individuals from countries that meet the eligibility criteria, and it does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or religion.
  • Applicants Can Apply Annually: If an applicant is not selected in one year’s lottery, they can continue to apply in subsequent years, increasing their chances of success.

Eligibility Requirements for the 2025 US Diversity Visa Lottery

To be eligible to participate in the US electronic diversity visa lottery, interested individuals must meet the following criteria:


Requirements (1)

Individuals born in countries whose natives qualify for entry may be eligible. If you were not born in an eligible country, you may be able to qualify in one of two ways.

  • Was your spouse born in a country whose citizens qualify? If yes, you can claim your spouse’s country of birth if both of you are named on the selected entry, are found eligible and issued diversity visas, and enter the United States at the same time.
  • Were you born in a country where natives are ineligible but neither of your parents were born or legally resident at the time of your birth? If yes, you may claim one of your parents’ countries of birth if it is a country whose natives are eligible for the DV 2025 program.

Requirements (2)

Each DV applicant must meet the DV program’s education or work experience requirement by having either:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is defined as successful completion of a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary education
  • Two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform To determine qualifying work experience, the Department of State will consult the US Department of Labor’s O*Net Online database.

Timeline for the selection process.

A must-read for valuable information! If you intend to apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery in 2025, keep the following points in mind:

  • The Department of State will select individuals at random from among qualified entries based on the allocations of available visas in each region and country.
  • To find out if your entry has been selected in the program, all diversity visa lottery (DV-2025) entrants must go to the Entrant Status Check using the unique confirmation number saved from your online entry registration.
  • If your entry is chosen, you will be directed to a confirmation page with additional instructions. This includes information about immigration fees to the United States.
  • The Department of State will only notify selectees of their selection for DV-2025 via Entrant Status Check.
  • The Department of State will not mail or email notification letters to selectees. The United States’ embassies and consulates will not provide a list of those chosen.
  • Individuals who have not been chosen will only be notified via the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website.
  • You are strongly encouraged to check your own entry status.
  • Someone else will keep you in check if you don’t keep someone else in check.

How to Apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program in the United States

The diversity visa lottery (DV-2025) is only available online. In order to apply,

  • To begin registration, go to the Department of State’s website.
  • To begin the application process, click the begin entry.
  • Fill in all required fields and upload all required documents.
  • Check the application instruction page as well to thoroughly study the application procedure.

Additional information on the US Diversity Visa Lottery 2025

To be able to immigrate

  • DV candidates must be eligible to enter the United States.
  • The DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application, is completed electronically. And the consular officer will interview you in person to determine your eligibility to immigrate under US law, including questions about criminal and security issues.
  • After this date, the Department of State cannot issue DVs, nor can USCIS approve adjustments, nor can family members obtain DVs to follow and join the principal applicant in the United States.
  • The Department of State will not mail or email notification letters to selectees. The United States’ embassies and consulates will not provide a list of those chosen.
  • The ONLY way for the Department of State to notify selectees of their selection is through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website

The application portal is open from October 4 to November 7, 2024.

Green Card Via the US Diversity lottery Program

Application Process and Supporting Evidence

To obtain a Green Card, you must file Form I-485.

Supporting Evidence for Form I-485

Submit the following evidence with your Form I-485: