Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing Jobs for Immigrant in Canada | APPLY NOW

Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing Jobs for Immigrant in Canada APPLY NOW

Are you looking for welding, carpentry, or plumbing jobs for immigrants in Canada? Here is an opportunity to grab it. The Canadian Government has introduced a fresh migration avenue aimed at artisans, including welders, carpenters, and plumbers, originating from Nigeria and various other countries. This strategic initiative is designed to address the scarcity of skilled trades professionals within Canada. This landmark announcement, bearing the title “Canada Announces Inaugural Express Entry Invitations for Trade-Experienced Newcomers,” was declared by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Following the statement, Canada’s Express Entry System has undergone modifications to establish a streamlined and efficient route for individuals boasting expertise in pivotal sectors. The IRCC has introduced alterations to the Express Entry framework via category-specific selection. These modifications were implemented to alleviate workforce shortages that aligned with specified economic objectives. This endeavor entails inviting individuals with specific work backgrounds and linguistic proficiency to apply for permanent residency.

Express Entry is an online platform employed by the Canadian Government to confer permanent resident status upon skilled workers beyond Canada’s borders. This application management system caters to those intending to make Canada their permanent home through avenues like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and a segment of the Provincial Nominee Program.


Quick Facts About the Express Entry Invitations

The inaugural Express Entry invitations tailored for newcomers possessing trade-related experience serve a vital purpose: addressing the pressing demand for skilled talent and filling essential vacancies crucial for the nation’s economic progress and advancement. The initial wave of applications primarily targets individuals specializing in trades such as welding, carpentry, and plumbing, thereby bolstering the construction sector across Canada by infusing indispensable expertise.


This innovative category-based selection mechanism underscores Canada’s unwavering commitment to attracting the finest global talent and effectively addressing the scarcity of tradespeople necessary to fortify the economy. These category-specific selection rounds are set to unfold throughout the year in tandem with general invitation rounds, with further specifics to be revealed in due course.

The delineation of these categories was the result of extensive deliberations with provincial and territorial stakeholders, partners, the public, and a meticulous review of labor market requirements. An exhaustive roster of eligible positions for these newly established categories is also readily accessible, ensuring comprehensive clarity.

Eligible Work Categories

This year’s category-based selection invitations will place emphasis on candidates who possess:

  • A strong French language proficiency or
  • Work experience in the following fields:
    • healthcare
    • science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions
    • trades, such as carpenters, plumbers and contractors
    • transport
    • agriculture and agri-food