Work in USA as Data Scientist | Review Certification, Salary & Job Roles

Work in USA as Data Scientist | Review Certification, Salary & Job Roles

Are you looking for a data science job in the United States? Are you skilled in analyzing and managing global challenges in data science? Due to the increasing global challenges in managing organizational data, there is a growing demand for highly skilled data scientists, resulting in a substantial surge in data scientist job opportunities, training programs, and certification requirements. As the saying goes, with great opportunities come great expectations, and as a result, the expected minimum annual salary for data scientists stands at $119,300.


Many people out there are busy in their job roles, leaving data management aside. You can fill this position as a skilled data scientist in the US. If you are ready to get started, read this article.

Who is a data scientist?

A data scientist is a professional or skilled individual who collects large amounts of data using analytical, statistical, and programmable skills and develops tailored solutions to meet the organization’s unique needs.

What is the future of data science?

Data is used to determine the problem, analyze the steps for problem-solving, and promote the growth of an organization. What this means is that data science is an infant and has grown out of the fields of statistical analysis and data mining.


To ensure robust success for businesses in the years ahead, there will be a significant demand for data scientists who will play a pivotal role in analyzing and extracting valuable solutions from data. Data science positions will maintain their relevance through at least 2030.

Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst

A data scientist is an expert who utilizes various Artificial Intelligence techniques to collect and compile extensive datasets, while a data analyst focuses on gathering and interpreting data to address specific issues. These two professionals collaborate to resolve organizational challenges and emphasize their respective roles to advance the organization’s objectives.

Data Scientist Job Role and Description

The ultimate goal of a data scientist is to assist the organization in identifying trends and making informed decisions. Therefore, an effective data scientist must possess a well-rounded skill set that includes technical expertise, analytical capabilities, and strong communication skills.

Data scientists are responsible for aggregating data from diverse sources and conducting in-depth analyses to gain a comprehensive view of an organization’s performance. They leverage statistical and analytical methods along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to automate specific organizational processes and create intelligent solutions to address business challenges. Once they have interpreted the data, they present the findings in a clear and engaging manner.

Estimated Salary of a Data Scientist

In recent time, an annual average salary of a Data Scientist $119,300 per year in the US. In the future, as data science roles continue to grow in packages, job roles continue to be tedious, and salaries continue to increase, more data scientists will continue to gain momentum.

Highest Paying Cities in the US for Data Scientists

City  Average Salary (per year)
San Francisco, CA $163,477
New York, NY $139,774
Austin, TX $131,133
Los Angeles, CA $127,028
Chicago, IL $122,438
Redmond, WA $121,827
Atlanta, GA $119,300

What is the Job Role and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist? | What Does a Data Scientist Do?

The role and responsibilities of Data scientist are enormous but a few are as follows:

  • Extracting and Mining usable data from valuable data sources
  • Create and optimize classifiers using machine learning tools to select features.
  • Carrying out preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include all relevant information for developing analytic systems
  • Processing, cleansing, and validating the integrity of data to be used for analysis
  • Analyzing large amounts of information to find patterns and solutions
  • Developing prediction systems and machine learning algorithms
  • Presenting results in a clear manner
  • Propose solutions and strategies to tackle business challenges
  • Collaborate with Business and IT teams

What do employers look out for in a data scientist?

Data Scientist Skills

  • You must possess programming skills; R, Python, and database query languages like SQL, Hive, and Pig are desirable. Familiarity with Scala, Java, or C++ is an added advantage.
  • You must Possess Statistical skills, including knowledge of statistical tests, distributions, regression, maximum likelihood estimators, etc. Proficiency in statistics is essential for data-driven companies.
  • You must possess good knowledge of machine learning, like K-Nearest Neighbors, Naive Bayes, SVM, and Decision Forests.
  • Strong Math Skills (Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra): Understanding the fundamentals of multivariable calculus and linear algebra is important as they form the basis of a lot of predictive performance or algorithm optimization techniques.
  • You must be proficient in data wrangling; imperfections in data are an important aspect of a data scientist’s job description.
  • You must be Experienced with Data Visualization Tools like matplotlib, ggplot, d3.js, and Tableau that help to visually encode data
  • Excellent Communication Skills: It is incredibly important to describe findings to a technical and non-technical audience.
  • Strong Software Engineering Background
  • Hands-on experience with data science tools
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Analytical mind and great business sense
  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field is preferred
  • Proven Experience as Data Analyst or Data Scientist

Data Scientist Certifications

Data science certifications give you an opportunity not only to develop skills that are hard to find in your desired industry but also to validate your data science know-how so that recruiters and hiring managers know what they’re getting if they hire you.


The top listed data science certifications that will boost your career are as follows:

  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • Cloudera Data Platform Generalist Certification
  • Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Principal Data Scientist (PDS)
  • Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS)
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)
  • SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional using SAS 9
  • SAS Certified AI and Machine Learning Professional
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • Tensorflow Developer Certificate

Where to Scout for Data Science Jobs in the United States

A number of organizations are in demand for data scientists in the United States. As such, the following companies and government agencies recruit data scientists in the US:

  • Technology and Software Development

Tech companies, including giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are always in need of data scientists to analyze user data, improve algorithms, and enhance product performance.

  • Finance and Banking

The finance industry relies heavily on data for risk assessment, fraud detection, algorithmic trading, and customer analysis. Banks, investment firms, and insurance companies hire data scientists to gain a competitive edge.

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare organizations use data science for patient diagnosis, drug discovery, personalized medicine, and operational efficiency. The demand for data scientists in this sector has surged, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Retail and E-commerce

Retailers and e-commerce platforms employ data scientists to analyze customer behavior, optimize pricing, manage inventory, and enhance the customer shopping experience through personalization.

  • Telecommunications

Telecommunication companies use data science for network optimization, customer churn prediction, and improving the quality of service.

  • Energy and Utilities

The energy sector utilizes data science for predictive maintenance of equipment, energy consumption optimization, and renewable energy resource management.

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Data scientists are essential for optimizing manufacturing processes, improving supply chain logistics, and reducing operational costs.

  • Government and Public Sector

Government agencies use data science for various purposes, including public health analysis, urban planning, and law enforcement (predictive policing).

  • Consulting and Professional Services

Consulting firms often work across different industries and require data scientists to provide data-driven insights and solutions to their clients.

  • Entertainment and Media

Media companies use data science for content recommendation, audience analysis, and advertising optimization.

  • Agriculture

In precision agriculture, data scientists help farmers make data-driven decisions regarding crop management, irrigation, and resource allocation.

  • Education

Educational institutions and edtech companies use data science to improve student outcomes, develop personalized learning experiences, and optimize administrative processes.

  • Pharmaceutical Research

Data scientists in this sector work on drug discovery, clinical trial optimization, and drug safety monitoring.

  • Automotive

The automotive industry utilizes data science for vehicle telematics, autonomous driving technology, and predictive maintenance.

  • Environmental Sciences

Data scientists play a crucial role in analyzing environmental data, climate modeling, and natural resource management.